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Treatment of cast stone in winter (03.28.23)
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Treatment of cast stone in winter

Treatment of cast stone in winter

Wrong: sprinkle salt
Correct: sprinkle sand!

Concrete stone coverings outdoors are easy to maintain and retain their initial appearance for decades. However, this requires the right treatment, especially in winter.

In frost and ice, you should therefore only use sand (for example, grain size 0 - 4 mm). In many hardware stores, a mixture of grit and sand is available that fulfills the same purpose as de-icing salt, namely to ensure that it runs safely on frozen, icy ground.

De-icing salts attack the surface of the cast stone during the freeze / thaw cycles, so that over time the surface of the coverings can become roughened or flake off.

However, if you do not want to do without de-icing salts, this must be communicated to the manufacturer / supplier in good time before the start of production. Frost and de-icing salt resistance can then be improved by special additional factory measures during production.

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