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Steps, Angle Steps, Tread Plates and Window Sills (03.28.23)
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Steps, Angle Steps, Tread Plates and Window Sills

Steps, Angle Steps, Tread Plates and Window Sills

Slim or flat prefabricated concrete products with different cross-sections and grain sizes in blasted and ground surfaces. The use of different grain sizes, colours and shapes allows a wide range of aesthetically pleasing design variants to be realised.

Angle Steps, Tread Plates, Window Sills

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Concrete products can be manufactured in many different colours by using coloured terrazzo granules and white or grey cement. When installed, artificial stone is durable, hard-wearing, environmentally friendly, emission-free, non-combustible and easy to maintain. It is also suitable for special requirements such as low electrical conductivity, high physical and chemical wear resistance.

Angular Steps

Angular steps are elements that are placed and fixed on a stepped or sloping construction. The steps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A distinction is made between different types of floor plans (single-run, double-run, quarter- or half-twisted stairs) and types of steps (angle, block, tread, step/repelling and wedge steps)

5.1_Winkelstufen mit Unterschnitt -Mühlhausen Feldstraße

Winkelstufen mit Unterschnitt -Mühlhausen Feldstraße

5.2_Winkelstufen mit Unterschnitt -Mühlhausen Feldstraße

Winkelstufen mit Unterschnitt -Mühlhausen Feldstraße


Steps, Risers

Treads are used both in new buildings and in the renovation of old buildings. They are laid or screwed onto prefabricated stringers made of steel, concrete or masonry.

5_Trittstufen- Mühlhausen Feldstraße

Trittstufen- Mühlhausen Feldstraße


Bolt Stairs

Bolted stairs are a special type of cantilever staircase in which the treads are connected to each other with so-called bearing bolts.

Bolted staircases usually have wall-side anchoring per tread which is firmly connected on the underside to a wall anchor on the support bolt and are connected to each other on the wall-free side by a support bolt.


Sills and Windowsills

The window sills are available for both indoor and outdoor use. In the interior, they have mainly decorative character and should therefore be planned in shape, thickness, colour, but also for technically useful installation. In order to ensure the function of the exterior window sill, i.e. the drainage of water in front of the usually vertical exterior wall, water dripping edges (water noses) are necessary.


Terazzo Tiles, Skirting Boards, Terrace Tiles

We offer matching slabs for all the concrete blocks and terrazzo products we manufacture.

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