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Cast Stone (03.28.23)
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Cast Stone

Cast Stone

Surface Samples Artificial Stone and Terrazzo

A selection of our surfaces and aggregates for concrete block products.
Sample Slab_concrete  cast stone_'Aura anthrazit'_shot-blasted.JPG
Sample Slab_concrete  cast stone_'Aura grau'_shot-blasted.JPG
Sample Slab_concrete  cast stone_'Aura weiß'_shot-blasted.JPG

Block steps, radius steps, wedge steps

Block, radius and wedge steps in variable dimensions, shapes and colours.

Step Ramp Elements

Block, radius and wedge steps in variable dimensions, shapes and colours.

Steps, Angle Steps, Tread Plates and Window Sills

Slim or flat prefabricated concrete products with different cross-sections and grain sizes in blasted and ground surfaces. The use of different grain sizes, colours and shapes allows a wide range of aesthetically pleasing design variants to be realised.
_bbbeton-Betonwerkstein - Z - Winkelstufen, Fensterbänke, Platten.png

Landings, Platform Plates

Platforms can be used at the entrance and exit of stairs.

Seat Blocks, Bench Pedestals

Seat blocks, park bench pedestals for city centre and green area design.
Parkbanksockel- Parkbaenke.png

Fences, Pillar and Wall Coverings

Decorative concrete elements for fencing in combination with wall elements for fence installations and covers.

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